Introducing the Axxess DNS Suite

12 Sep

Our ADSL clients are probably aware that we are Resellers for Axxess, one of the leading ISP’s in South Africa (dubbed “South Africa’s most loved ISP”). Axxess states that “Our core business is to sell and support, simple and affordable ADSL Internet services to the broader South African consumer and SME markets”, which is a good fit with Mywebapps, where we also focus on the small office/home office (SOHO) and SME markets.

We are therefore pleased to advise that Axxess has announced the launch of their Axxess DNS Suite. Not sure what that means for you? Here are some of the ways you might benefit from the suite:

Increased Speed

The Axxess DNS feature directs your DNS traffic through to the geographically closest operational DNS server, resulting in a faster Internet experience.

The World Wide Web – without limitations

Global Axxess (BETA) allows you to experience the Net unrestricted by your geographical location. This means you’ll be able to access content that was previously unavailable to you because you’re located in South Africa. Please note that this is a BETA service and currently only removes restrictions on certain US sites. Europe coming soon.

Family Friendly Content

Family Axxess provides an Internet experience that is appropriate for all ages by blocking most unwanted domains. Perfect for parents who want the peace of mind that their youngsters are not surfing the Net in shark infested waters.

Custom/Corporate DNS

This feature gives you the option to specify your own DNS server. It also allows you to link to your Corporate DNS server, enabling you to access internal systems from your own private DSL account.

It’s free, and available immediately to Mywebapps’ ADSL clients. If you’re an existing Mywebapps ADSL client, have a look at the Axxess DNS Suite page to find out how power up the free enhancement (or get in touch with us). Looking for broadband ADSL connectivity for your small/home office or SME? Get in touch with us through the contact details on our Contact page.