The .ZA Domain namespace opens up!

05 Sep

We are probably all quite used to seeing e-mail and website addresses that use the .CO.ZA namespace (such as this one, For a variety of reasons, though, we’ve only seen a sprinkling of domain names for other 2nd-level domains in the .ZA namespace, e.g. the occasional .ORG.ZA domain, as well as universities in the .AC.ZA namespace.

Well, that’s all changed now! With effect from 3 September 2014, it has become just as easy to register a domain name in the following namespaces as it has been to register a .CO.ZA domain name in the past. The namespaces are:

  • .ORG.ZA
  • .NET.ZA
  • .WEB.ZA

So, if you’ve never been able to get the .CO.ZA domain name you always wanted, or you want to protect your brand by preventing others from registering an almost identical domain name, get in touch with us via our Contact page and we’ll secure the sought-after name for you. Please remember that domain names are allocated on a 1st come, 1st served basis by registrars, so don’t hesitate.

Domain names in the .ZA namespace can be registered for as little as R100 per annum.

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