What we do

Looking for a robust, cost-effective IT infrastructure for your small business?  Want to avoid having to invest in hardware and software that quickly become obsolete?  Partner with Mywebapps in setting up a “virtual business infrastructure” in the Cloud, using office productivity applications such as Google Apps for Business and Microsoft Office 365.

Agile enterprises and organisations are increasingly relying on Cloud Apps rather than on-premises servers for their office productivity applications (such as e-mail, calendaring and contacts, documents, spreadsheets and presentations).

Google Apps for Business and Microsoft Office 365 are the leading products in this space, and Mywebapps has been successfully deploying and supporting Google Apps since 2010.  (While Google Apps for Business is currently our preferred solution for Cloud-based office productivity apps, we believe that Microsoft’s Office 365 is a strong contender in this space.)

Our “Desktop to Domain” approach is a complete templated implementation of Google Apps (or Office 365) that encompasses selecting and registering a suitable domain name (the “Domain” part) to configuring each PC Desktop in the organisation (the “Desktop” part), and everything in between.

A typical Cloud infrastructure deployment would include most or all of the following components:

  • Domain name selection and registration
  • DNS and website hosting and management
  • Product setup and configuration in line with our standards
  • Group/OU and User setup
  • Broadband ADSL connectivity
  • Internet security suite deployment
  • PC Workstation configuration and software installation
  • Migration of existing data to Google Drive/Mail

Once implemented, we will continue to manage, support and tune your infrastructure to ensure that you’re getting the maximum return from your investment.  (Onsite technical support is currently limited to the Johannesburg area.)

Our typical client is an SME with 1-25 staff members, and includes both new and existing sites.