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WordPress Management Consoles

21 Dec

I’m a firm believer in WP management consoles. I’ve tried several, and have standardised on a couple to manage my own sites and those of my WP hosting/managed clients. With the release of Version 3.3 of Jetpack, however, I’m predicting trouble for the WP management console “industry”. Why? The latest version of Jetpack includes a […]

The Windows 8 dilemma

30 Oct

Just in the past couple of weeks I’ve participated in a couple of discussions where acquaintances mentioned that they’d just bought a new laptop/notebook PC. While they were generally pleased with the hardware, they bemoaned the fact that they’d had no choice but to accept Windows 8.x as the operating system. There is a choice, […]

Introducing the Axxess DNS Suite

12 Sep

Our ADSL clients are probably aware that we are Resellers for Axxess, one of the leading ISP’s in South Africa (dubbed “South Africa’s most loved ISP”). Axxess states that “Our core business is to sell and support, simple and affordable ADSL Internet services to the broader South African consumer and SME markets”, which is a […]

WordPress 4.0 “Benny” now available

10 Sep

What comes after 3.9? 3.10 or 4.0? Those of you who follow these things closely will be aware that Version 4.0 of WordPress was released last Thursday. We will be testing and rolling the update out to WordPress Managed sites over the next week or so, and should have the entire exercise completed by Friday, […]

The .ZA Domain namespace opens up!

05 Sep

We are probably all quite used to seeing e-mail and website addresses that use the .CO.ZA namespace (such as this one, For a variety of reasons, though, we’ve only seen a sprinkling of domain names for other 2nd-level domains in the .ZA namespace, e.g. the occasional .ORG.ZA domain, as well as universities in the […]

Google Apps with Windows and Office: Can it play nice?

28 Aug

I started working with Google Apps Standard Edition (the free version) in 2010. So, a (relatively) early adopter, as these things go. I implemented it for my own domains, and also for the community-based non-profit organisations I volunteered with. For organisations without infrastructure or budget it was, quite simply, manna from heaven. I became a […]